3个鼻音:[m] [n] [?]

3个似拼音:[h] [r] [l]

2个半元音:[w] [j]


[t] tree two ten ton town twenty city

[d] door dull desk dose do dog dictionary

[k] king kite key look cook book kitchen sky

[g] girl good goal goat grade long language

[m] man make moon morning move come comb

[n] pen ten nine fine night noon moon clean

[?] uncle bank English think thank junk??sing king morning

[l] long land lend lord fly flag black world cold could goal soul

[r] read red right run room write

[f] five fly fine flag frog fog roof knife life wife cough laugh rough

[v] very evening even every voice vest of

[s] six sit student same seat kiss miss case scarf

[z] zoo zebra zero zap close nose hose suppose pause those

[e] that this those these though

[∫] sheep shoulder ship shoe she brush wash nation attention

[h] hot hop home house horse how who

[w] when what where window wind wood

[j] yes year yell you your yolk yellow

[t?] child chicken china chair lunch ouch catch teach

[d?] age language cabbage vegetable stage bridge joy enjoy join July June junk

[tr] tree country try treat track trunk

[dr] dry dream drop drive drink

[ts] students boots boats goats nuts

[dz] goods woods moods hoods